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Garfagnana is a beautiful area in the province of north western Tuscany and to the north of the city of Lucca.


The Serchio River, which contributes to the lush green valleys and sets the harmonious contrast with the wild mountains that surround the Apuan Alps. 


This contrast offer visitors plenty of outdoor activities: hiking, walking, mountain biking, tree climbing, canyoning, horses riding, trout fishing 


In addition to these activities there are many enchanting and charming villages and other attractions found in the area. 


Castelnuovo, Barga, Wind Cave (the Grotta del Vento) the legendary Devil’s Bridge in Borgo a Mozzano,the ghost town of Vagli di Sotto.

An unusual hermitage at Calomini with an 18th Century facade, situated at the base of an overhanging rock face. The church is set into the rock which dates from 1600 and a much earlier ‘chapel’ they call a grotto,  where you can see the marks of the chisel where it has been hand chiseled by the monks and the parishioners starting from the 7thcentury.


The Garfagnana area is rich with interest and activities to suit all members of the family


Grotto del Vento (Wind Cave)

Bear Hall


Hermitage at Calomini

Vestry and confessional

carved out of the rock

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