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one of the cities most loved all of Tuscany,



Lucca is renown for its ancient history.


  • The Roman amphiteater that can be seen in the Piazza dell'Anfiteatro 

  • The archeological remains under the 12th century church of Saints Giovanni and Reparata (the first city cathedral, located just around the corner from the present-day cathedral of San Martino),

  • The various towers and villas from the 12th to 16th centuries.

  • The walls that surround the old town became a pedestrian promenade, today one of Lucca's main attractions.

  • The area around the walls is well maintained with grass and trees everywhere along the walls. It has become a park that surrounds the city. Here you can enjoy a bike ride around the entire perimeter, a stroll as you enjoy a gelato or simply a period of rest from sightseeing on one of the many shaded benches that line the main walkway.

The pedestrian promenade

Luccas Medieval Wall[1].jpg



Roman amphiteater


Torre Guinigi

Cathedral of San Martino

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